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Need new Orthotics? You can claim once a year for a new set!

Did you know you can get a new set of orthotics every year? Are you sick of moving them from one shoe to the other or want a pair for a dress shoe? . Simply give us a call on 40417155 and we can order a second pair.. Or another pair for your workboots or joggers? We can even make them for high heel stilettos if that is what you want! Call us today!

For those of you that have used your limit this year, the health funds normally tick over again in the new year, so call us in early 2017 and order a new set then. If we have assessed you recently and we have your scans, you may not need to come in for re-scanning. But even if this is necessary, we don’t charge out of pockets for it for existing patients!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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