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Ingrown nails….a simple solution

I recently had a young girl in the clinic who had ingrown nails for a few months. The toes were red, swollen and infected. She had been to her GP who gave her antibiotics and they not only did not help the infection, but also did nothing to cure the ingrown nail problem.

I was able, under local anesthetic, to remove the sides of the nail and clear the hypergranulation tissue and callus. A few applications of 80% Phenol and the procedure is complete. The area needs daily dressings until healed The nail is slightly narrower than it was but has a straight edge that should never grow in again.

The area heals in a week or two and never comes back! No scar tissue, no time off work or school!

Ingrown toenail treatment doesn’t have to be scary, or leave you scarred! (Mentally or physically!).

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