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Conditions Treated – InStep Podiatry

PODIATRISTS are trained in the treatment and diagnosis of conditions and of the foot and lower limb. Some ailments further up the body can respond to Podiatry treatment, such as sore knees, shin splints, sore hips and back.


Podiatrists are experts in nail care..including trimming, filing and clearing the nails.

This is especially important for Diabetics and those that have poor circulation. Many patients cannot reach their feet when they get older, and it is wise to have someone trained to do this procedure properly and safely.


These lesions can be easily removed usually with minimal discomfort. This many include assessment to determine the cause of the lesion as they can return quickly if there is too much pressure or friction on any area of the foot.


Ingrown NailsThis condition is common and very painful. Sometimes it is only because of poor nail cutting or an injury to the nail and it can easily be treated in 1 treatment.

Occasionally a minor surgical procedure needs to be done that involves a local anaesthetic and removal of the side of the nail and application of a medication to prevent regrowth. No skin is cut and NO SUTURES!

This means little post op discomfort, no time off work or school and quick healing!


Often pain in these areas is due to poor footwear, long hours on the feet and poor biomechanics. You don’t have to suffer just because you are in a job that requires you to be weight bearing or if you are involved in a sport or recreational activity that involves you being on your feet for long periods.

At INSTEP PODIATRY we will assess your gait and how you stand and walk with the latest technology and expertise to formulate the best treatment plan to resolve your symptoms and prevent further problems down the track.


At Instep Podiatry we have access to the latest in orthotic technology. We can make orthotics for work boots, ski boots, football shoes, court shoes, even high heel stiletto’s !


Steve has a special interest in Diabetes- he worked with a Diabetic Centre in Canada as well as being involved as consultant Podiatrist for the Cairns Base High Risk Foot Clinic at the Diabetes Centre.

Treatment includes routine foot care as well as assessment of nerve conduction and circulation. Education on daily care and prevention is a paramount of the consultation with a diabetic patient.


Children's ClinicsWe can see patients of all ages, and we often see parents bringing in their children because they have noticed something unusual about their child’s feet.

We can diagnose present or possible future problems and can intervene with treatment if and when it is necessary. We generally don’t initiate treatment until the child is about 6 but it does depend on the particular problem.

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