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Suna Customers get discount

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Dr. Steve Lynch, Podiatrist at INSTEP PODIATRY would like to extend an offer to all customers of Suna Footwear, Cairns.

Just bring in your receipt from any purchase at Suna Shoes, Cairns and you will qualify for the following-

-If you are in a private health fund, your initial consultation and treatment is GAP FREE!

-if you are not in a private health fund, you will qualify for 10% off of your initial consultation and treatment!

Podiatrists are specialists in the treatment and prevention of many conditions of the feet and lower limbs such as Nail care, calluses, corns, non-invasive ingrown toenail surgery, fungal nail therapy (using Pact Med light therapy), shoes and orthotics. We are specialists in all foot disorders for kids, adults, diabetics and domiciliary care.

Call 1300467837 (1300 INSTEP) For  Appointments!

An additional set of orthotics for free? Yes! depending on your health fund!

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Did you know you can get a new set of orthotics every year? Are you sick of moving them from one shoe to the other or want a pair for a dress shoe? . Simply give us a call on 1300467837 and we can order a second pair.. Or another pair for your workboots or joggers? We can even make them for high heel stilettos if that is what you want! Call us today!

For those of you that have used your limit this year, the health funds normally tick over again in the new year, so call us in early 2017 and order a new set then. If we have assessed you recently and we have your scans, you may not need to come in for re-scanning. But even if this is necessary, we don’t charge out of pockets for it for existing patients!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

ingrown nails….a simple solution

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I recently had a young girl in the clinic who had ingrown nails for a few months. The toes were red, swollen and infected. She had been to her GP who gave her antibiotics and they not only did not help the infection, but also did nothing to cure the ingrown nail problem.

I was able, under local anesthetic, to remove the sides of the nail and clear the hypergranulation tissue and callus. A few applications of 80% Phenol and the procedure is complete. The area needs daily dressings until healed The nail is slightly narrower than it was but has a straight edge that should never grow in again.

The area heals in a week or two and never comes back! No scar tissue, no time off work or school!

Ingrown toenail treatment doesn’t have to be scary, or leave you scarred! (Mentally or physically!).

Call us today for an assessment.

Expanding services to General Practice

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After over 22 years as clinical Podiatrist at the Cairns Base High Risk Foot Service, i have resigned to spend more time in my private practice.

This will allow me to make myself available in my private practice more often as well as expand into visiting General Practitioners offices treating their patients on site, providing a complete an holistic approach to Podiatry care for people that can’t always make it into a Podiatry office due to mobility and transport. I am looking forward to this new aspect of my practice and can’t wait to provide this early in July and August.

Children’s sore feet

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Children's Sore FeetI am starting to see more kids again this year with classic sore feet and arches. It is often a condition called “Sever’s Disease” which sounds daunting but is really just an inflammation of the growth plate at the back of the heel where the achilles tendon inserts into the heel bone. It is often a boy 4x more than girls, usually with rolled-in sore feet and low arches as well as tight muscles in the back of the leg.

The good news is that it is easily treated with ICE after school, training and sports~~ stretching regime BEFORE school training and sport and again before bed. This coupled with the right shoe and orthotic insert can burn this condition out quite rapidly. Without treatment, it can drag on for a few years. Come and see us today for an assessement! 1300467837.

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About Sever’s Disease

Sever’s disease, also called calcaneal apophysitis, is a painful bone disorder that results from inflammation (swelling) of the growth plate in the heel. A growth plate, also called an epiphyseal plate, is an area at the end of a developing bone where cartilage cells change over time into bone cells. As this occurs, the growth plates expand and unite, which is how bones grow.

Sever’s disease is a common cause of sore feet in growing kids, especially those who are physically active. It usually occurs during the growth spurt of adolescence, the approximately 2-year period in early puberty when kids grow most rapidly. This growth spurt can begin any time between the ages of 8 and 13 for girls and 10 and 15 for boys. Sever’s disease rarely occurs in older teens because the back of the heel usually finishes growing by the age of 15, when the growth plate hardens and the growing bones fuse together into mature bone.

Sever’s disease is similar to Osgood-Schlatter disease, a condition that affects the bones in the knees.

Expanding services

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Due to the great demand for my services I am gearing up to spend more time in the Tully and Innisfail area as well as increasing the times in Cairns and Atherton. I am still providing all the usual services at all of my locations including Pact Med Antifungal treatment..which is much like laser treatment, only easier, cheaper and more effective! 4-5 treatments and the nail grows out with normal nail tissue. I bring all of my equipment with me wherever i travel, so if you need toenail treatment, ingrown surgery, orthotics or insoles for your sore feet, wart or corn treatment or shoe supply and/or advice, i am never far away for your complete foot care needs!

Introducing Pact-Med Photodynamic Therapy for Fungal Toenails

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Dr. Steve Lynch ~ Podiatrist at INSTEP PODIATRY has acquired the latest in German technology to treat fungal nail infections. The Pact-Med uses photodynamic light to destroy the dermatophytes, yeast and other fungus in conjunction with a blue gel. The gel helps absorb the light which is toxic to the fungus. Fungus hates any type of light but the wavelength used by the Pact Med system uses a wavelength that fungus finds particularly toxic.


Treatment is 100% safe and more effective than any other therapy including oral medications and laser therapy. Unlike medications and laser this therapy is safe and does not cause any discomfort. Treatment is 3 times in 1 week and a follow up in 4 weeks. Dr. Lynch likes to see everyone 3 months later to ensure the new nail growth is fungal free. Occasionally the treatment is done again at this appointment.

Will my private health insurance cover the cost?

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YES! if you are in a private health fund with ‘extras’ or ancillary benefits, Podiatry is usually covered. Give us a call on 1300467837 for items numbers so you can call your health fund and that way no surprises when you claim on the spot at our office!

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